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In general bus travel is a safe going from point A to point b.  FEI is experienced in school bus, transit bus, and paratransit bus accident reconstruction.  FEI consults on ADA compliance, national standard of care issues, passenger securement systems, bus stop locations, bus operations, sudden, unexpected and violent bus movements, failure to drive defensively, collision investigators, accident reconstruction school bus collisions and occupant kinematics, bus operator behavior


FEI is skilled in determining the cause of the accident, accident reconstruction, failure analysis, human error, training, vehicle codes, rules of the road, in traffic engineering, mechanical engineering, workplace safety and training, highway transportation, the motor carrier industry, and other areas of the trucking field. Truck accidents may be caused by several factors, each of which may become highly relevant in the event of a truck accident


Services FEI provides

When litigating a claim against a transit company, there are many issues to confront. Was the driver properly trained? How was the driver trained? Did the company perform drug and alcohol tests, driver records checks, background checks, or routine safety evaluations on the driver? How was maintenance and repair of the vehicle handled? Were the occupants' behaviors or medical conditions a factor in the accident? Can perception-reaction time be accurately determined? Do you have enough evidence for a claim?

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