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Sports & Recreation

Sports and recreation related injuries are one of the leading causes of personal injury in the United States; and some of these injuries are life changing.  According to CDC “Each year in the United States, emergency departments (EDs) treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground-related injuries. More than 20,000 of these children are treated for a traumatic brain injury (TBI), including concussion. Overall, more research is needed to better understand what specific activities are putting kids at risk of injury and what changes in playground equipment and surfaces might help prevent injuries.”


Services FEI provides

FEI reviews the actions of all parties involved in the incident and compare their actions against established national standards of care and best demonstrated industry practices.  FEI addresses the following questions:

  • Was the equipment and facility properly designed and maintained?

  • Were the employees properly trained?

  • Were the participants properly supervised?

  • Were the participants providing the necessary information to safely participate?

FEI case example

​Swimming pool drowning

​A child entered the swimming pool in the shallow end slowly walk deeper into the pools. At a certain point in time he lost his footing and drowned. We mapped the bottom of the pool and determined that floor slop was by far steeper than the specified in the standards. Another factor that contribute to the accident was the concave shape of the pool. This means that a person who is sitting at the edge cannot see the entire pool. In this case there were few people in the pool but they could not see the drowning child because of the above reason

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