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Bicycle & Motorcycle          


A bicycle accident may result from various factors, including traffic-related issues, faulty manufacturing, or issues with the biking facility, traffic laws. The engineering aspects of the bicycle itself are very important for safety.

Major causes

  • Intersection Accidents 

  • Cyclist in Collision with Bicycle or Pedestrian 

  • Accidents Caused by Dogs 

  • Accidents Caused by Defects in Street, Highway, Sidewalk, Path, Private Property, or Recreational Land

  • Products Liability 


Services FEI provides

Accident investigation and accident reconstruction expert witness is also highly relevant to such cases, whether it is a bicycle accident occurring on a city street or a mountain bike accident, as it can help determine responsibility for the incident. Traffic laws, traffic signals, highway design, and hazard warnings must all be considered for both motorists and bicyclists.



According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2006, 13.10 cars out of 100,000 ended up in fatal crashes. The rate for motorcycles is 72.34 per 100,000 registered motorcycles.  Motorcycles also have a higher fatality rate per unit of distance travelled when compared with automobiles.

According to 2005 data from the NHTSA, 4,008 motorcycle riders were killed on United States roads in 2004, an 8% increase from 2003.


Major Causes

  • Intersection Collisions 

  • Motorcycle or Driver Overtaking 

  • Collision with Backing, Parked, Stalled, Disabled, or Slow Vehicle 

  • Motorcycle and Other Vehicle Meeting 

  • Negligence for Obstructions to View 

  • Defects in Public Roads 

  • Defective Conditions on Private Property 

  • Collision with Cable or Chain 

  • Collision with Animal 

  • Motorcyclist in Collision with Pedestrian and Driver in Collision with Motorcyclist as Pedestrian 

Services FEI provides

As with many cases involving traffic-related accidents, motorcycle accidents investigation as a means of determining the source of the incident in question, whether it was caused by human factors, automotive defects, brake failure, engine failure, tire failure, road design defects, failed mechanical inspections, a problem with mechanical design, or further possible issues.

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